Winter Activities

Winter Activities

Winter Guard

MBDA has been hosting a winter guard circuit for many years. We have had performance by groups from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Groups our scores on a five star system that has been modeled after the Regional A sheets. Our goal is to provide our groups with meaningful feedback to improve their performance and to help them strive for excellence! Groups range from 4th grade through 12th grade. Currently we do not have a class place in system. All groups are evaluated against the same set of standards in open competition. We do not give awards based on a first, second, and third place system. Groups earning an overall rating of five stars at finals will receive a gold medal, four stars will receive a silver, and three stars will receive a bronze. Groups are also welcome to come for exhibition performances.

Evaluation at each show includes recorded comments and a score by a judge for Movement, Equipment, Ensemble and Effect. Each group is given a plaque at the end of the show with their star rating in each caption and an overall rating. Instructors have access to competition suite where recordings are available approximately ten to fifteen minutes after their performance. The cost is $100 for MBDA member groups. The finals cost is $125 which helps to cover the costs of medals for each performer. Groups who choose to perform in exhibition do so at no charge but receive no score or recorded feedback.

Winter Drum Line

MBDA allows for exhibition performances of winter drum lines at all of the winter guard competitions. In the past we have had groups that do stand still performances and groups that perform on the move and have a lot more to their show. All percussion groups are welcome. If we ever get to the point where we could support a competitive aspect, we are open to doing so.